silk proteins

for healthy and shiny hair

What are silk proteins?

Silk proteins or silk peptides are made of ground floss of the silkworm (Bombyx mori). These silk proteins are a very important component of anti-aging-products, helping to moisturize your scalp and rejuvenate your skin. Due to the water storage capacity, silk proteins are perfect for hair care, providing it with moisture and repairing damages using the amino acid cystein.

Why are silk proteins good for my hair?

Our hair consists mainly of the protein keratin, which provides it with strength, protection and structure. Chemical treatments of the hair, like heat exposure are responsible for damaging the keratin. By adding silk proteins to beauty products, keratin can be rebuilt. The amino acid cysteine is an essential ingredient of silk, which is crucial for the endogenous production of keratin. Furthermore silk proteins can build up a protective barrier and improve the resilience and resistance of your hair, giving it an intensive shine.

Does my hair need moisture or proteins?

Natural hair needs a balance of moisture and proteins to stay healthy. Our hair consists of the fibrous protein keratin, which can be damaged through incorrect hair care and heat exposure. Silk proteins can help to repair your hair. To find out whether your hair needs proteins, you can make a simple test.

elongation test

Wash your hair with shampoo. After shampooing it, take a centimeter of your hair between your fingers and stretch it slowly. Depending on how your hair reacts, it needs either moisture or proteins. You can not stretch it or it breaks immediately? It feels extremely rough or brittle? Your hair needs moisture.

It is highly stretchable and breaks (or doesn’t break at all) and feels droopy and gummy? It needs proteins.

The amount of proteins and moisture is equal, when your hair is stretchable, but doesn’t break after it has returned to its normal length.

Pros of silk proteins

Buy silk proteins

Spinnrad Seidenproteine 10 ml
Price: 6,75 € (675,00 € / l)
  • Seidenproteine lagern sich als dünne Schichten am Keratin der Haare an
  • schützt das Haar vor dem Austrocknen
  • verleiht einen gesunden, schönen, seidigen Glanz
  • Haar bleibt griffig, flexibel und verklebt nicht
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