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for the best looking scrunchie hairdo's

Why should I use a scrunchie?

The simple ponytail hairstyle works with one hair tie made of silk. They are much more modern and more elaborate. Our scrunchies don't put a lot of pressure on the hair, so the hair will not be damaged and your braid won’t pull the scalp uncomfortably. You can sleep in a braid with one of the silk hair ties, they are comfortable thanks to the silk fabric and ensures your hair doesn't get tangled.

How to style your ponytail using silk scrunchie?

A high ponytail can make your face look younger and narrower. It is important that you do not pull – the braid too taut, otherwise you will have the opposite effect. Should you have very fine hair, to add more volume, we recommend you use two hair ties one after the other. Your braid stands out thereby taking a little more off your head and automatically gets more momentum. Your ponytail looks particularly casual when you add light curls without too much heat. The low ponytail looks particularly chic and elegant with our silk hair ties. The positive thing about this hairstyle is that you apply little pressure on your scalp. This hairstyle is your perfect companion for your everyday life.

How can I beautify my braid?

You can braid hairstyles of any kind with the perfect hair accessory. Our silk scrunchies hold the ends of your hair together gently and are a real eye-catcher.

What scrunchies are the best for my braid?

The small hair ties which you can buy in a double pack are great for two braids. You can use the Octoberfest hairstyle with small scrunchies, they are playful and feminine and fit perfectly to your dirndl or your blouse.
Our large hair ties are particularly good with thick voluminous braids, such as Farmer’s braid, herringbone braid, or French braids.

A little tip: your braided braid looks particularly voluminous when you use it after the hairstyle pull
apart. Should you have very long hair, start the braiding by pulling apart.

What hairdo is best for the night?

We recommend that you keep your hair in a loose peasant braid and tie the tips with silk hair ties. The fine silk fabric doesn’t rub against your hair as it dries overnight. Preventing the hair from bending, leaving the tips super soft and neat. The advantage of the peasant braid hairstyle is that your hair stays in the same direction while sleeping and not getting tangled.

Your hair should look more voluminous the next morning. When you want to protect your curls, you can tie your hair in a high, loose bun. Make sure you don’t knot your hair too wildly.

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